Exhibition Printing

Prolab Imaging is a custom fine art printer. We specialise in Photographic Exhibition Printing using the archival Giclee printing process for art photographers.

We stock a large range of fine art printing materials from matt textured art papers to smooth pearl heavy weight photographic style papers by Hahnemulhe, Ilford, Moab and Museo.

Photographic exhibition prints are all produced using the latest generation Epson 9900. This machine is able to produce vibrant saturated colour, rich black and whites and beautiful graduated tones for soft images. Profiles for this machine have been created with the x-rite I1 pro 2 spectrophotometer, and are available for downloading and soft proofing.

Do you see what I see?

Not everybody has access to the best colour managed equipment for viewing their images. If this is the case, what you see on your computer may be quite different to what I see on mine.

Because of this issue, Prolab Imaging offers a service where our clients can view their exhibition work on one of our ICC compliant work stations with one of our experienced printers.

This service eliminates any colour management issues that my arise saving you money, dissatisfaction and expensive reprinting.

Call the lab on 08 8333 2166 and make an appointment to view your exhibition with us.


Paper Descriptions

German Etching by Hahnemuhle. There is something about this paper which everybody seems to love. German Etching paper is a medium textured 100% Alpha-Cellulose acid free material weighing in at 310 gsm. Print quality is excellent and it is by far our most popular material.  It is suitable for art reproduction, and photographic and digital exhibition printing.

Photo Rag by Hahnemuhle.  Photo Rag is another very beautiful paper from Hahnemulhle. It has a smoother surface than the German Etching and is slightly brighter. Weighing 308 gsm, this paper is acid free and 100% cotton rag. Print quality and suitability are the same as German Etching.

Silver Rag by Museo. For large format photographic art you cannot go past this paper. It looks like the fiber based black and white glazed darkroom papers of the past. Acid free, 100% cotton rag and at 300gsm in weight, this paper prints stronger blacks than any of its competition and does not mark as easily as similar papers from other manufacturers. A beautiful product.

Gloss Baryta By Harman. Open a box of this paper and have a whiff. The smell will take you back to the smells of rolls of Kodak tri-x, Ilford black and white paper and the darkroom,  in a good way! Although most items in the darkroom did not smell so good, these materials had there own unique scent and so does Harman Gloss Baryta. 320gsm, acid free and 100% Alpha-Cellulose with a gloss finish, but not over the top gloss. Suitable for Photographic Exhibition work and general photographic prints where a touch of quality is desired.

Gold Fibre Silk By Ilford. 310 gms paper features and inkjet layer coated directly onto a true baryta layer and fibre base to produce images with exceptional gamut for vivid colour reproduction as well as creamy whites and velvety blacks for the unique look and feel of traditional silver halide photo paper. Suitable for photographic and digital art exhibition printing.

Smooth Pearl & Smooth Gloss by Ilford. 310 gsm resin coated papers that produce images with superb clarity, high sharpness and excellent colour gamut. We've used these product for years and when coupled with our Epson 9900 HDR printer, produces prints of the highest quality. Suitable for all photographic printing.

Prolab ICC Profiles

Each link contains the profile and a pdf installation guide for Mac and Windows

German Etching 310

Photo Rag 308

Museo Silver Rag 300

Ilford  Gloss Baryta 320


Services & Price List

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